CalCert offer a number of solutions based around data logging and data acquisition. These solutions include small portable units suitable for food distribution to multi-channel distributed acqusition used typically in heat treatment applications.


Multi input portable data loggers with programmable inputs make up the mid-range offering. Unique features are thermal barriers for through oven measurements plus simple to use software for interrogation of stored data.  


Wireless data logging is provided by the use of data collection and transmissions units and a central base station. Our offering has the ability to find a path back to base station, when obstructions are introduced, via other transmitters. This also negates the need for booster stations, commonly called a "MESH NETWORK".


Single channel, low cost data loggers. There is an option for blind as well dispalyed value. Sensors can be either internal (storage measurement) or a fitted extenal probe for probe sensing.


Centralised data collection systems providing a gateway to a computerised system are our speciality. From offering a multi channel process monitoring system on an Ethernet connection to individual remote stations on a wireless system. We have experience and the solutions for most requirements.


Data Logging requirements can be either very straight forward or very individual. Whilst we offer a range of products that we use more frequently we can provide customised systems deisgned to suit the individual companies requirements.