Thermocouples and resistance thermometers (RTD's or Pt100's) form the base of our sensor offering. As a complement to this range we also cover the following,
Melt Pressure
Most sensors are offered with a standard design that allows for minor changes to the application requirements. However a bespoke service is available for the more unusual applications.

Pressure including Melt Pressure

We can offer a range of pressure detection devices, which will address the individual application requirements. Added to our standard pressure sensors we now offer a comprehensive range of MELT PRESSURE transducers. These can come with built in temperature sensor and we also offer an adjustable version.



Again we offer both fixed and portable versions, with an option of electrical output to suit a wide range of instrumentation, including control and process monitoring.


To achieve a true resolution to this problem we can provide various solutions, from vibration probe, capacitance and also radar. We can also offer simple level switches fitted with reed relays.

Thermocouples and RTD's
These temperature sensors are available either in standard format or designed and built for your application. The basic scenario is that although you may use a very expensive control product, this is only as good as your sensor. Get the sensor right to get the best chance of accurate control and monitoring. 


A range of fixed and portable solutions are on offer together with associated instrumentation.

Flow detection is all about the product being monitored and the format of sensor will vary depending upon the full system  requirements. From a simple TURBINE format through to a ELECTROMAGNETIC version, the solution can be offered.


This area needs us to offer not only the sensors but also when required additional items such as valves and dosing pumps, along with calibration solutions.


We also provide a range of accessories, such as GLAND ADAPTORS, THERMOWELLS, COMPENSATING CABLE, PLUGS & SOCKETS, etc.