Products listed on this page cover many industries and applications within those industries.


The CA2005 is rugged hard wearing instrument but is a budget priced thermometer to comply with HACCP requiements.
Working range -50 to 400°C, using a type T thermocouple, gives it a fast response but with improved accuracy over type K variants.
There are a range of probes available to work with this thermometer to get maximum use. 

MM2000 Combi
The MM2000 Combi steps on from the 2005 in as much we now see it with a permanent thermistor robe attached. This unit has been to designed to meet the requirements of HACCP within the food industry.
Simple to use and waterproof gives it real value for money. 

This is our biggest selling thermometer. It comes complete with a rubber boot. Highly accurate and highly reliable an excellent shop floor tool to meet all HACCP requirements.
The 2000 is compatible with  a wide range of sensor types giving it the maximum amount of flexibility in the formats of sensor available.

From £115.00
The 2050 is a Pt100 thermometer within the well established 2000 series. Used in-conjunction with the correct format of probe this system proves to be a must when looking for a QA master within its HACCP activity. Long term stability plus low system errors lead to a high accuracy portable piece of equipment.  

From 112.00
The 2100 series is specifically aimed at the Food Industry and has been designed to be fully complient with HACCP requiements. Two input variants are available (T trype thermocouple or Thermistor) and both utilise Lumberg connection to the instrument.
Working range -250 to 400C

From 669.00
The ThermaCheck brings together portable measurement and logging into one high performance instrument, Available in either unit form or KIT the thermacheck has the ability to store readings into its onboard memory and then replay back to a PC. Once complete, full reports can be produced to comply with HACCP requirements.

Food Pro & Food Pro Plus
58.00 and 100.00 (Plus)
Food Pro and Food Pro Plus offer simple non contact indication of surface temperatures. Being infra-red the basic unit only offers product exterior temperatures as well as working area (hobs, ovens, etc). However by moving to the "PLUS" internal temperatures can be taken using the FOLD OUT probe.
Working range -35 to 275C.

A full range of both Standard and custom made sensors are available for this range, please contact our office for more details.