The following products form a range that gives a simple and cost effective solution to gathering data without the need for manual notes.










 The TRANSIT 2 logger is the entry level option.

Having a built in thermistor sensor it is ideal for taking regular temperatures in a wide variety of applications

Used with the EXPLORER software for play back allows data to be seen both graphically and numerically.

Prices start at £50 for the logger without software.

Explorer software is just £55 including connection cables. 





The ULTRA 2 continues on from the Transit in that there is now an increase in the options of input:

Thermistor, both internal and external

Thermocouple, type K utilising a standard size plug connection (external)

Humidity, having a dual purpose sensor for Humidity and temperature.

Prices start from £69.00.

Explorer software required. 




 The PLUS 2 version continues the expansion of functionality, but now in robust and waterproof construction.

Keeping with the others the base unit has Thermistor input options, with both internal and external available .and also together giving a dual measurement.

There is also now an external Pt100 option.

The Humidity version can be either internally mounted or utilising a external probe.

The final option is a current (AMPS) version that works with a clamp probe.

Prices for this range start at £95.00

Explorer software is required.